Portugal among the countries that the agency wants to capture investment

The Angolan Private Investment and Export Promotion Agency (AIPEX) is working to attract investors from 21 countries, including Portugal, to Angola’s agriculture, fisheries, tourism, education, health, and infrastructure sectors.

The announcement was made today in Cairo by the Angolan news agency Angop by the AIPEX administrator, Sandra Dias dos Santos, following the presence of the institution in the 1st Inter-African Trade Fair (IATF / 2018), which is being held in Egypt since on Tuesday, in which an Angolan delegation of 60 companies participated.

Among the 21 countries, and in addition to Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the five selected States within the scope of the Private Investment Funding Project (PROCIP) approved by the Council of Ministers, in October last.

Sandra Dias dos Santos said that since June this year, 58 private investment proposals have been registered, valued at 469 million dollars (404.3 million euros), indicating that the prospects are good, especially since Angola is taking steps in the improvement of the business environment in the country.

Regarding the participation in the fair, for which almost 1,100 exhibitors from 42 countries are registered, said that the event is being useful, since it has allowed the exchange of experiences with other exhibitors, aiming at attracting investment for the parents.

In addition to the nine priority sectors in which AIPEX intends to attract investments, Sandra Dias dos Santos said that in the first two days of the fair, she also identified the pharmaceutical production sector, which is being explored by Egyptian entrepreneurs, who have a strong experience in this field of activity.

The second day of the IATF / 2018, organized by the African Exports and Imports Bank (Afreximbank), which expects US$ 25 billion in commercial transactions and 70 thousand visitors, was also dedicated to AIPEX, which held a meeting to clarify the Private Investment Law.

Also quoted by Angop, the director general of the National Council of Loaders (CNC), Catarino Fontes Pereira, considered that the event is a “good opportunity for interaction” with companies and investors.

Fontes Pereira added that the CNC is presenting to visitors and other exhibitors the logistical platforms that are being developed in the country.

Under the National Development Plan (PDN) 2018/2022, the CNC has four platforms in three main corridors – Malanje, Lobito and Moçâmedes -, where they are developing their logistics platforms to facilitate the transport, storage, and distribution of products.

Capturing public-private partnerships is one of the goals of the TNC at IATF / 2018.

The National Shippers Council (CNC) is a Public Institute of the Ministry of Transport, which coordinates and controls international maritime trade and shipping operations.

On the second day of the fair, the technical organization of Angola, coordinated by CEEIA, dedicated to SODIAM, Refriango, AIPEX, BDM, Federation of Entrepreneurial and Entrepreneurial Women of Angola (FMEA) and the Bale dance group to talk about their bouquets of activity.

According to the program of the fair, today, at the Angola Multisectoral Pavilion, attention will be paid to companies Miracel, AIBA, ANIMA, Events Arena, Catoca and Angola Cables, which will share experiences with their companies with other exhibitors.

A cultural and tasting moment for Angolan products will also dominate the third day of Africa’s largest shopping mall.

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