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Portugal applies 5 to Luxembourg


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Portugal received and won the Luxembourg team by 5-0 in a game played at the Estádio do Algarve.

Portugal is closer to qualifying for World’2022 after a victory that would have been easy, when on 7 minutes, the French referee Benoît Bastien signalled the first maximum punishment, sanctioning a foul on Bernardo Silva.

This would be Cristiano Ronaldo’s first goal that would score two more, Bruno Fernandes and Palhinha scored the other two goals for Portugal.

There are two more games to Portugal, a visit to Ireland and Serbia’s reception next month, the team led by Fernando Santos, now has 16 points, 2 less than Serbia, but has one game less, while the other teams, Luxembourg, Ireland and Azerbaijan, are out of this race.

Portugal would score again, again by Cristiano Ronaldo who scored his 800 goals as a professional, from a penalty, the striker even had to score twice as André Silva invaded the area before marking.

The Portuguese team would score again, this time by Bruno Fernandes, with Bernardo Silva’s pass, on 17 minutes, Portugal would later end up letting the game cool down a bit, controlling Luxembourg, but always creating opportunities.

Ronaldo, André Silva, Bruno Fernandes and Palhinha had opportunities, including a Ronaldo bicycle kick, which Moris saved, but Palhinha would end up scoring on 69 minutes, and even before finishing Cristiano Ronaldo, he would head back to score his third.

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