Portugal beat Croatia to Kazakhstan

Emílio Peixe’s team started the qualifying round for the Euro’2019 in a brilliant way, winning by … 10-0.

The U17 National Team began their participation in Group 11 of the first qualifying round for the Euro’2019 in a brilliant way. In Aveiro, the formation guided by Emílio Peixe imposed a thrashing of the old ones to Kazakhstan, winning by … 10-0.

At the break, Portugal have already won six goals with Famana (19 ‘), Paulo Bernardo (21’), Filipe Cruz (26 ‘) and Daniel Rodrigues (39’ and 45 ‘+ 1) to build the score . In the second half, Ronaldo Camara (49 ‘and 67’), Gerson Sanches (57 ‘), Tiago de Melo (75’) and Gonçalo Marques (80 ‘) set the final score.

Next Saturday, the team of teams will face Belarus on Saturday and the next day 16 has a meeting with Wales. The top two finishers in each group are guaranteed to move to the Elite Round, as are the top four thirds.

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