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Portugal beat Kazakhstan and is in the World Cup Final

Portugal made history and is in a futsal World Cup final for the first time.

In a match marked by balance, Pany Varela placed itself in front of the scoreboard in the first half. Kazakhstan, who had a monster called Higuita in goal, never gave up and Taynan, a former Sporting player, was a danger in the wild in Lithuania.

After a second-half played at an extremely high pace, with many chances for goals from both sides, Portugal was in front and held the slim advantage until 30 seconds from the final whistle. Dauren Nurgozhin, playing as a forward goalkeeper, took advantage of a bad relief from João Matos and equaled the score.

There followed an extra time in which Portugal entered more fearfully, after the coup in the final moments. Worse got Douglas Junior’s goal right at the start.

A free-kick aimed with the ball passing between Baby’s legs. The 2-1 seemed complicated for the Portuguese team, which would have to score at least one more goal, the opponent with the best defensive record in the competition. Equalization came by Bruno Coelho, in a first shot, after an excellent move started by Pany Varela in the left wing.

Everything the same and everything to decide on penalties. Vítor Hugo, who came in to defend the last penalty, and Tiago Brito, who scored the decisive goal, were decisive for Portugal to paint another golden page in Portuguese futsal.

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