Portugal ‘beat’ this month a new daily record in wind production

Wind power production in Portugal hit a daily record on January 23, with 101.9 GWh, up from 99.6 GWh of the previous high of March 11, 2018, REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais reported today.

In a statement, the manager of the national electricity grid said that “verified wind production accounted for 61% of daily consumption (167 GWh – gigawatts per hour), putting Portugal ahead of Europe in terms of share of energy from this source”, with around of 13% (24 GWH) of national production was exported to Spain.

This was also a record day in Spain, with wind production reaching 367,697 MWh, an increase of 0.6% over the previous record high, representing 43.2% of daily consumption, according to the company led by Rodrigo Costa.

According to REN, 5,150 MW are installed in wind farms, which on average supply about 25% of national consumption.

In 2018, renewable production supplied 52% of the national consumption, plus export balance, distributed by wind and hydro, both with 23%, biomass with 5% and photovoltaic with 1.5%.

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