Portugal beats Hungary in Euro’2020

The National Team moves forward to the game that will define the 5th and 6th classified of this European handball and, even if it is defeated, it already has in its pocket the best classification ever in the competition.

Portugal achieved the best performance ever in a European handball. This Wednesday, in the last Main-Round match, the National Team beat Hungary 34-26, Malmö Arena, and stamped the ticket to the game that will define the 5th and 6th place of this Euro’2020 . Remember that the best classification of Portugal in a European had been a 7th place.

Forced to win with a margin of five goals to avoid depending on the Sweden-Iceland result, Paulo Pereira’s team started to lead from an early age. After a few minutes of Hungarian superiority, the formation of the corners pulled from the gallons and was placed in advantage in the marker.

Portugal went to the break with an advantage (16-14), but in the second half they were superior to their opponents, having an idea of ​​what was needed to guarantee the 3rd place in Group II of the Euro-2020 Main-Round.

In the last 15 minutes, Portugal managed to distance itself in the Hungarian national team’s marker and ‘dig in’ the advantage it needed to make history in this European. Goal after goal, the Quinas team ended the match with an advantage of eight goals, enough to move on to the game of 5th and 6th place in the European Championship.

It remains to be seen who will be Portugal’s opponent in the last meeting of this Euro’2020, something that will only be closed when all Group I games are over. A victory for the Portuguese team in that match, in addition to giving 5th place naturally, also marks the presence of the Portuguese team in the pre-Olympic tournament.

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