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Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities Day

International official celebrations

Tomorrow, June 10, Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities around the world, will have several initiatives spread by the diplomatic network despite the restrictions caused by the Coronavirus, you can read in a statement on the website of the Portuguese government.

It can be read on the website, “Given the exceptional situation facing the country and the world, it was necessary to adapt the celebrations of the network to the context of restrictions experienced in most countries, seeking to ensure, despite all limitations, a model with a global reach that would allow the celebration of the Day of Portugal to all posts and to the largest number of Portuguese and Portuguese descendants possible.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with Radio and Television of Portugal that will collaborate in the celebrations of the Day of Portugal. “This partnership will materialize in a special edition of the program« Portugal in the World “, which will be broadcast simultaneously on RTP Internacional and RTP1 in the late morning and during the afternoon of the 10th of June. The broadcast will also be available in streaming on the RTP Play platform and will be shared on the pages and social networks of Portuguese diplomatic and consular missions abroad.

This special broadcast of the “Portugal in the World” program will feature institutional messages aimed at the diaspora, testimonies from Portuguese and Portuguese descendants from different areas and a particular focus on the two musical expressions of Portuguese culture recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity: fado and “cante” alentejano “can also be read in the statement.

Some of the local cultural initiatives:

Brazil – Portuguese Cultural Center in Brasilia:

  • Video of the celebration of the Day of Portugal of the Embassy of Portugal in Brasília and of the consular network in Brazil;
  • Direct Alma Portuguesa «Vento, Mar e Pensamento», with actor Tony Correia.

Slovenia – Association of Slovenian-Portuguese Friends:

  • Meeting for children in the park with readings from the book Atlas das Viagens e dos Exploradores, by Isabel Minhos Martins and Bernardo P. Carvalho, with the participation of the Oton Župancic Library;
  • Literary meeting at Casa de Vodnik in Ljubljana, with readings of “The New Portuguese Letters” by Maria Velho da Costa and discussion with a longtime translator and collaborator Barbara Juršic; the meeting will be accompanied by music;
  • Exhibition by the Portuguese painter Simão Bessa at the Simulaker Gallery in the city of Novo Mesto.

Spain – Portuguese Cultural Center in Vigo:

  • “What does Portugal mean to me?” Challenge, which aims to collect a message in written, video, photo or drawing from CCP-Vigo students and users, with a view to publication on social networks on June 10;
  • A literary-musical session with «Duo Glosalenta» (Hugo Milhanas Machado and Julia García-Arévalo Alonso), which will recreate a radio session based on Camonian texts, entitled «Camões FM». This session will take place with the live transmission, on the respective social networks;
  • Infographic video series «Moments of Portuguese History and Culture».


Embassy of Portugal in Washington:

  • Video with a speech by the Portuguese Ambassador to the USA, Domingos Fezas Vital (10 am, local time);
  • Video with speeches by the members of the Consultative Council and Economic Council of the Embassy (at 12 pm local time);
  • Direct from the 2nd edition «Quarantine Talks» with the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, the President of the Luso-American Foundation for Development, Rita Faden, and the cellist and fellow of the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University, Mafalda Santos (3:30 pm local time);
  • Mafalda Santos concert dedicated to the 10th of June (17h00, local time).

Consulate General of Portugal in Newark:

  • Sharing on social networks of virtual celebrations.

Consulate of Portugal in New Bedford:

  • Webinar with Professor Walter Rossa entitled «Expressions of Portuguese Immigration in North America: Cultural Heritage as a Catalyzing Tool» (11 am);
  • Sharing on social networks of virtual celebrations.

Consulate General of Portugal in New York:

  • Videos of members of the Portuguese Community of New York with the theme: ‘If you had the chance, where and how would you like to spend 10 June in Portugal?’;
  • Sharing on social networks of virtual celebrations.

Consulate General of Portugal in San Francisco:

  • Meeting with the Community at 8:00 pm in the square in front of the São Francisco City Hall building (in compliance with the rules of social distance and with protective masks);

Permanent Mission of Portugal to the UN:

  • The virtual concert, in partnership with Art Institute, with guitarist Pedro Henriques da Silva and singer Sofia Ribeiro. The event will take place on the Zoom platform, with access by invitation, and will later be accessible on the website of the Permanent Mission.

Greece – Embassy of Portugal in Athens:

  • Digital Campaign to Celebrate the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities: between the 8th and 12th of June, digital content promoting Portugal, as well as interviews with the Greek public about Portugal, will be made available on the Facebook pages of the Embassy.

Italy – Embassy of Portugal in Rome:

  • Concert by pianist Pedro Emanuel Pereira, which will be released on the Embassy’s Facebook page and which includes the segments «Sons da Minha Terra» (set of 10 piano songs inspired by traditional Portuguese music), «Sons de Abril» (improvisation on themes by José Afonso) and «Hino a Guimarães» (improvisation on the themes of the Hino de Guimarães and the Hino de Portugal).

Morocco – Embassy of Portugal in Rabat:

  • Photo contest through social networks with prize award.

United Kingdom – Embassy of Portugal in London:

  • Message from the Portuguese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Manuel Lobo Antunes (10 am);
  • Reading of poems by Portuguese authors by the actors Luís Filipe Eusébio, Marta Carvalho and Raquel Cipriano, the theatre and opera director Jorge Balça, the director, director and playwright Eduardo Barreto and the university professor Miguel Farias;
  • Conversation on the theme «London in the 1970s: Paula Rego and her contemporaries», with Helder Macedo, writer and Jubilated professor at King’s College, and Regina Duarte, Coordinator of Portuguese Teaching in the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands;
  • Digital concerts, live from the Facebook page of the Portuguese Embassy in London, with: Regina Freire and Pedro Lopes (17h00), João Menezes (17h30), André Lacerda and Joana Resende (18h00) and Best Youth (18h30).

Czech Republic – Prague Portuguese Language Center:

  • Message to the Portuguese community followed by a live debate;
  • Senza concert, live on the Facebook pages of the Embassy and of the Portuguese Language Center / Camões.

Kenya – Embassy of Portugal in Nairobi:

  • Publication of a feature article about Portugal in an economy magazine that will include an article by the Minister of State and Foreign Affairs.

Serbia – Embassy of Portugal in Belgrade:

  • Concert by pianist Vasco Dantas.

Timor-Leste – Portuguese Cultural Center in Dili:

  • Video with guided tours by the Portuguese themselves who live in Dili and tell their story, in a dynamic 24-hour simulation around the city.

Vatican – Embassy of Portugal to the Holy See:

  • Celebration in the Church of Santo António dos Portugueses, with a solemn mass for the diplomatic corps and authorities of the Holy See followed by an organ music concert.
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