Portugal Day will feature a solar eclipse

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On June 10th, the date on which Portugal Day is celebrated, an annular eclipse of the Sun will occur, according to the Lisbon Astronomical Observatory (OAL).

The phenomenon, also known as the ‘ring of fire’, will be visible throughout the Portuguese territory, but partially, that is, only a little of the Moon will be seen covering the Sun.

The eclipse is set to start at 9:48 am, passing through its peak at around 10:32 am and will end around 11:21 am.

However, the phenomenon will be barely noticeable, as the percentages of solar area covered by the Moon are very low, varying between 4% and 10% on the mainland and 30% in the Azores and 6% in Madeira. Even so, the OAL says that with proper safety glasses it will be possible to notice the eclipse.

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