Portugal debut with a win in the qualifying for the Euro 2019

The Portuguese U-19 futsal squad thrashed the Moldovan counterpart 10-1 in their group debut in Group 3 of qualifying.

The final result speaks for itself about the overall superiority of the Portuguese team, who opened the scoring in the fourth minute for Daniel Costa, a goal that Moldova still managed to respond with a draw at seven by Ion Anton.

From here, the result was increasing and giving expression to the difference of level between the two selections, with Portugal reaching the interval to win by 6-1, following the goals of Sévio Marcelo at seven, Milton Dias, at 10 and 17, Tomás Reis at 13, and Rúben Góis, at 19.

In the second half, Portugal took the ‘foot off the accelerator’, but still added four more goals, two of them by Tomás Paçó, at 25 and 26 minutes, one by Hugo Silva at 32, and finally a self-goal by Constantin Nita, at 34.

With this victory, Portugal takes the lead of group 3, with three points, followed by the hosts Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, who drew two goals on Tuesday, both with a point, and Moldova without. any point.

Only the winners of the seven groups, in addition to the host country team, Latvia, will be guaranteed in the finals of the European Championship, which will take place in this Baltic country from 08 to 14 September.

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