Portugal down one place to 31st in FIFA Women’s Ranking

In March of this year the Portuguese team, led by coach Francisco Neto, had reached the 30th place with the best ranking ever in the women’s hierarchy of the world.

Portugal today dropped a position in the FIFA Women’s World Ranking and took 31st place after two defeats in private matches with the United States, the world champions.

Portugal starts next Friday, on October 4, the qualifying campaign for the European Football 2021, to be held in England, with a visit to Albania (78th in the ranking) in Elbasan.

The qualifying group E also includes Scotland (22nd), Finland (30th) and Cyprus (119th), with the winners from each of the nine groups, along with the top three finishers, qualifying. to the European.

The remaining six runners-up from the nine groups will play a two-handed playoff on October 19 and 27, 2020, to define three more qualifying teams.

Still, in the women’s rankings, the leadership remains with the United States world champions, who occupy the first place since June 2018, followed by Germany, without second, and runner-up, the Netherlands, in third.

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