Portugal is European Under-19 Futsal Champion

Trophy that was played in Croatia

The National Under-19 Futsal Team is EUROPEAN CHAMPION, after beating Spain 6-2, in a game in which they started to lose, 2-0, but even before the break managed to restore the tie, and in a brilliant second half, bring the cup to Portugal.

This Sunday, Portugal faced and beat Spain, the defending champion, in the final of the European Under-19 Futsal Championship. Spain scored first through Pol Salas in the 5th minute and scored again in the 6th minute, Portugal reduced the score through Lúcio Rocha to 2-1 and Andriy in the 19th minute restored the tie.

Portugal entered the second half almost completely dominating the match and took the lead with an own goal by Pol Salas at 27′, at 35′, Sintra staged a fantastic move, which he just needed to score, he took the ball from end to end and almost scores a goal.

Tomás Colaço would then score for Portugal, with a direct free-kick, Lúcio would score again when Spain played with an advanced goalkeeper, and then it was Pedro Santos who scored and confirmed Portugal’s victory.


The game was preceded by a minute’s silence for the tragedy that affected Morocco.

Portugal reached this decision after having beaten Slovenia in the semi-finals, after having won all the games in the group stage, against Spain, France, and Croatia.

Game sheet
European Under-19 Futsal Championship 2023
Zatika Arena
Porec (Croatia)

Referees: Daniel Matkovic (Switzerland) and Dejan Veselic (Slovenia)
Third referee: Dag Erik Tangvik (Norway)
Timekeeper: Done Ristovski (North Macedonia)


PORTUGAL (starting five): Cintra, Bruno Maior, Diogo Silva, Lúcio Rocha – Cap. and Andriy
Substitutes: Diogo Carrera, Duarte Correia, Rúben Carrilho, Tiago Macedo, Tomás Colaço, Pedro Marques, Ricardo Marques, Afonso Serra and Pedro Santos
Coach: José Luís Mendes
Goals: Lúcio Rocha (10′), Andriy (19′), own goal by Pol Salas (27′) and Tomás Colaço (36′)
Discipline: yellow card for Lúcio Rocha (10′) and Diogo Silva (31′)

SPAIN (starting five): Pau López, Pol Cano, Roger Panadés, Adrián Tapias – Cap. and Juanico
Substitutes: José Javier, Miguel Ángel Vicente, Francisco Javier Martínez, Rubén Rodó, Pol Salas, Miguel Ángel Soler, Alejandro Garcia, Gonzalo Santa Cruz and Victor Ramos
Coach: Albert Canillas
Goals: Pol Salas (5′ and 6′) and
Discipline: Yellow card for Roger (10′), Victor Ramos (19′), Miguel Ángel Vicente (24′), Gonzalo Santa Cruz (29′), and Pol Salas (36′)

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