Portugal Fashion returns to Porto for 30 fashion shows

The Portugal Fashion fashion event returns to Porto this Wednesday, and the 30 fashion shows of Portuguese designers and young international designers will take place between Alfândega, Casa de Serralves, and Typography of the Tale until Saturday, the 26th.

The 45th edition of Portugal Fashion (PF) brings some news, highlighting the collection “After Now” by ‘designer’ Katty Xiomara, to be presented in a former graphic arts workshop, transformed into the ‘design’ hotel. .

Another highlight of this 45th edition of PF is the duo Marques’Almeida, who will parade at Casa de Serralves, and the presentation of the collection by French designer Nicolas Lecourt Mansion, responsible for the closing of the second day of the fashion event in Porto.

The show is scheduled for 21:30 on Wednesday, ending the first day of this edition of Portugal Fashion 2019, which also brings several young Italian designers, to the Porto Customs catwalk, to Bloom, a space dedicated to emerging young creators. The arrest is scheduled to start at 18:30.

On Thursday, the 24th, Portugal Fashion presents the new spring/summer 2020 collections of Portuguese designers Carla Ponte, Estelita Mendonça, Inês Torcato, David Catalán and Luís Buchinho.

On Thursday, the event concludes with the collection of French designer Nicolas Lecourt Mansion, who will present the collection to Portugal, which reveals “the good relations between Portugal Fashion and the respective international organizations of each country”, he stressed. Portugal Fashion official source.

The designer Miguel Vieira will end the third day of the 45th edition of Portugal Fashion on the same catwalk where the brands and designers Pé de Chumbo, Hugo Costa, Bolflex, Sophia Kah, Diogo Miranda and Nycole will parade.

The duo Marques’Almeida will present their new collection at 11:00 at Casa de Serralves, opening the last day of Portugal Fashion, a day that is also dedicated to children’s fashion and the clothing and footwear industry.

The creators Alves/Gonçalves and Maria Gambina close on Saturday the 45th edition of Portugal Fashion, which this year brings for the first time the direct sale to the final consumer in the ‘Brand Up’ showroom space, and which will be open to the public in overall, the organization advanced.

Portugal Fashion is a project under the responsibility of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE), developed in partnership with the Portuguese Textile and Clothing Association and funded by Portugal 2020 under Compete 2020, with funds from the European Union, through the European Regional Development Agency.

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