Portugal is the largest European bicycle producer

Portugal reached the European podium for bicycle production, with 2,652,392 million units produced, according to official data from the EU Statistics Office, Eurostat.

Looking at the historical series, our country has always been one of those that registered higher values ​​in the production of bicycles, compared to Italy.

In 2012, 1,112,180 national bicycles were produced, the following year the number decreased slightly to 1,079,495, but increased again in force in 2014 with a production of 1,393,360 bicycles.

This indicator increased in the following years, with Portugal producing 1,458,523 bicycles in 2015 and 1,859,132 in 2016, and in 2017 the highest figure was recorded until that year, 2,050,261, now surpassed by the number of 2019 .

In 2019 Italy was the second largest bicycle producer, with a total of 2,089,277, followed by countries such as Germany (with 1.5 million), Poland (0.9 million) and the Netherlands (0.7 million) ). At the opposite extreme, Croatia, Finland and Denmark occupy the bottom of the list.

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