Portugal is the second in the EU to eat more fruit and the fourth to eat vegetables

Portugal is the second country of the European Union (EU) where the population eats fruit daily, also occupying the fourth place in the daily consumption of vegetables, above the EU average, was announced today.

According to data released today by Eurostat, the EU statistics office, 81% of the Portuguese population consume fruit every day in 2017 (latest data), only to be exceeded by Italy, where this daily consumption was around 85%.

Regarding vegetable consumption, Portugal ranks fourth (with 78% of the population doing it daily), only behind Ireland (84%), Belgium (84%) and Italy (80%).

In both consumptions, the Community average is 64%.

On the other hand, the countries with the lowest fruit consumption were, in 2017, Latvia (35%), Bulgaria and Lithuania (both with 37%).

Hungary (30%), Romania (41%) and Latvia (44%) were the least likely to eat vegetables.

Across the EU, one in four people (27%) ate fruit twice a day in 2017, while 37% of the EU population did it once a day and the remaining 36% did so less frequently, at least once per week.

In smaller numbers, 23% of the EU population ate vegetables twice a day in that year, while 40% did so once daily.

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