Portugal negotiates with Brazil to sell Azores milk

The Secretary of State for Portuguese Internationalization today told that it is negotiating with Brazil measures that allow the export of milk from the Azores to that market.

Eurico Brilhante Dias said that this was one of the topics he discussed in Brasília last week with officials of the Brazilian government, adding that he has obtained from them an opening for a solution.

During his visit to Brazil, the Portuguese official met with Adalberto Santos de Vasconcelos, Special Secretary of the Investment Partnerships Program, with the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Otávio Brandelli, with the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Supply, Marcos Montes Cordeiro, and also with the executive secretary of the Ministry of Economy, Marcelo dos Guaranys.

In addition, he also had a meeting with the president of the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX) and the President of the Federation of Portuguese Chambers of Commerce in Brazil.

Brilhante Dias admitted that Brazil is a major producer of milk in the world, but considered there was still room in that market for Azorean milk.

According to the official, only a few phytosanitary issues currently prevent the export to a market that is “so important for Azorean milk producers“.

Also in the field of agriculture, Brilhante Dias discussed with the heads of the Brazilian government the barriers to exporting Portuguese citrus fruit to that market.

The two subjects underlined: “are being treated also by the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture with the Brazilian government.

The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development argued in November 2018 in parliament that the increase in the price of milk paid to producers is dependent on internationalization and the commitment to transform the product.

For Capoulas Santos, who spoke to MPs during a joint parliamentary hearing with the Committee on Agriculture and the Sea and the Committee on Budget, Finance and Administrative Modernization, the price increases only “when we have less milk and more dairy products“, stressing need to continue investing in product transformation.

The government has given the most attention to the milk sector. It is not the ministry that sets the price of milk, it is the market, but Portugal does not have the worst price in Europe,” he said.

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