Portugal on the podium of the Pizzaiolo World Championship

The 18th edition of the Pizzaiolo World Championship – Caputo Trophy, It took place in Naples, Italy, from September 16 to 19, 2019, culminating in the Trophy of Nations.

With the dream of winning the cup … That’s how the members of the Portuguese Pizza Selection went to Naples for another World Cup, where the competition is fierce, but the taste is always sweet.

Marcelo Silva (Forneria São Dinis, Azores), João Almeida (S. Martino Group, Porto) and Fernando Almeida (Di Nando, Ponte da Barca), accompanied by Michele Mezzero (President of the Portuguese Pizzaiolos Selection) and Antonio Mezzero (World Champion) ), form the Portuguese team that, with passion for art, won the 2nd place of the Trophy of Nations, which took place on September 19th in Lungomare Caracciolo. The 3 (three) pizzas presented by the National Selection were made with 100% Portuguese products and typical ingredients of Portuguese cuisine. Highlighting the jury’s favorite, “Pizza Del Presidente”. Pizza designed by Michele Mezzero, which contains as ingredients: mozzarella cheese, baby squash, homemade capers, cod fillets, cherry tomato, and mint.

The Trophy of Nations, which is already in its 18th edition, was attended by 20 nations. Among them was China, Argentina, USA, Italy, Thailand, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Korea. 1st place was won by Taiwan, China and 3rd place was in original Italy.

Michele Mezzero confesses that she was “quite pleased with 2nd place. Participating in such competitions is always very rewarding. It is also an unforgettable experience for Portuguese pizzaiolos, who in a spirit of unity work as a team to achieve their goals. ” It also reinforces that “the quality of participants increases year after year”.

The next challenges are already launched: The European Pizza Championship will take place in October in Milan, followed by the grand Pizza 2020 World Championship in Las Vegas.

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