Portugal participates in the world’s largest registry of hypertension

Society of Hypertension is associated with the registry coordinated by the International Society of Hypertension.

The Portuguese Society of Hypertension (SPH) is associated, for the second consecutive year, with the world’s largest arterial hypertension (HTA). The goal of May MeasurementMonth (MMM – May, the month of measurement) is to continue to raise public awareness of the need to measure your blood pressure in a WorldHypertension League (WHL) -based initiative.

Some of the centers planned for this initiative are the São João da Madeira Health Center, the Egas Moniz Hospital of the Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Ocidental, the Garcia da Orta Hospital, the Pêro da Covilhã Hospital of the Cova da Beira Hospital Center, the Entre Vouga and Douro Hospital Center and the Hospital Center of Gaia and Espinho. For the President of SPH, Dr. Vítor Paixão Dias, “the goal this year is to achieve more than 1,000 screenings of hypertension, in addition to the other countries that collaborate with the International Society of Hypertension all over the world. more than 2.7 million people worldwide – by 2017 the 1.2 million screenings identified more than 150,000 people with previously unknown HBP, and more than 100,000 with poorly controlled HBP, in 2018 a further 1.5 million were screened of people, with more than 900 records in Portugal. To collaborate in the screening, just contact SPH by email or telephone.

Especially this month, SPH recalls the importance of measuring BP frequently, whose values ​​should be less than 140/90. In addition, the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle habits and fulfilling the prescribed medication is the main messages SPH wants to convey.

“In Portugal, although almost 75% of hypertensive patients are on medication, the control reaches a little more than 40%, and in a large part this problem is caused by failure to comply with the therapy”, says the president of SPH and explains “unfortunately, many patients do not follow the medication or abandon it, which will, therefore, make it difficult to control the disease. Abandoning the medication because you are already well or because you did not feel well with the tablets or because you feel good with the high blood pressure are some of the myths and misconceptions responsible for the discontinuation of treatment for hypertension. There is a growing concern to promote simple and effective therapies and dosages to increase adherence to treatment. that a tablet only takes effect when it is taken. “

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