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Portugal loses to Senegal (5-3)

Portugal lost Sunday to Senegal by 3-5, in the 2nd round of Group D of the Beach Soccer World Cup, and will discuss tomorrow with Uruguay the qualification for the quarter finals. Whoever wins goes ahead, whoever loses goes home.

The National Team even started well in the Moscow arena, getting ahead in the scoreboard by Von, the result of a fantastic bicycle kick. Senegal, however, responded immediately and two minutes later were already in advantage.

Then Rodrigo Pinhal, on penalty, and André Lourenço returned to put Portugal in front, but, as happened in the first period, the African team only needed a few seconds to draw.

In the last period, those led by Mário Narciso – who yesterday played 200 games as national coach – were left blank, while Senegal scored two goals and stamped the qualification.

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