Portugal receives intelligent defibrillator that will help save lives

The presence of this type of equipment will be mandatory in areas with a high concentration of people.

Saving lives does not only mean having knowledge for it but also having the right equipment. The Connected Operational Defibrillator (DOC) developed by a Portuguese team of Alma Industries in France can be one of these devices, making use of 24-hour monitoring and a direct link to the Portuguese Red Cross as main arguments.

It tells Alma Industries that DOC is the only intelligent device on the market, which is also equipped with a GPS locator and the ability to make an automatic call for intelligent services. Despite the various functionalities, those responsible also paid attention to the DOC’s accessibility, simply by placing the electrodes on the victim’s chest for the defibrillator to begin to be used.

DOC started to be marketed in Portugal in September 2018 and is being increasingly sought, resulting in the need for emergency equipment in areas with a high concentration of people. “In Portugal, companies are looking for the equipment because of the need to ensure the cardioprotection of employees, “explains Alma Industries’ CEO, Paulo Barros.

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