Portugal should take advantage of exports to Ibero-American markets

The president of the Portuguese Industrial Association (AIP) today defended in Lisbon that Portugal has to “take advantage of the growth potential” that exists in Ibero-American countries for the growth of national exports.

“Our exports to the markets of AICO – Ibero-American Association of Chambers of Commerce represent only three percent of the total,” said José Eduardo Carvalho, “in these markets.

José Eduardo Carvalho, president of AIP, spoke at the opening session of the conference “Perspectives of Latin America on the economic dynamics with Europe and the CPLP”, organized by the Portuguese Industrial Association – Chamber of Commerce and Industry, General of the Ibero-American Association of Chambers of Commerce (AICO), which takes place in Lisbon, and where there were no representatives from Venezuela.

The AIP official also told businessmen from more than 20 Ibero-American countries that “today there is a favorable environment for investment and business activity in our country.”

Portugal went through a period of financial rescue that resulted in “the implementation of a draconian financial rescue plan, with effects on its business fabric,” he said, recalling that of the 400,000 companies or commercial companies existing in 2009, 220,000 disappeared until 2016, equivalent to more than a third of the companies in Portugal.

“The priority of the business community and the associations was to improve the management processes, and we managed to get out of this nightmare.” At this moment, there is a remarkable economic dynamic, he said, pointing out that one of the great challenges of the country is to reduce the weight of exports to “intra-Community” markets accounting for 73% “of the total.

“They are beginning to see the basis of our strategy in working with AICO,” he told the audience of business leaders from Ibero-American countries.

AICO represents the chambers of commerce of 23 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Iberian Peninsula and the Hispanic and Portuguese communities in the United States.

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