Portugal ‘smashes’ Poland at the debut of the Rugby Europe Trophy

The Portuguese rugby team beat Poland today, 65-5, at the first match of the ‘Quinas’ formation at the 2019 Rugby Europe Trophy, held at the Municipal Athletics Complex of Vale da Rosa in Setúbal.

The Portuguese team, who won their biggest win ever, was in all the game superior to the Polish set, who never showed arguments to counter the quality of the ‘wolves’, authors of eight trials in the match.

Salvador Vassalo, who scored two rehearsals, and Jorge Abecassis, with five penalties and five conversions, were the figures of the meeting, respectively, with 10 and 25 points in the game in Setubal, where Portugal consistently won three games.

More consistent in all the chapters of the game against a fragile Polish team, Portugal came very strong and managed to take advantage in the marker in the eight minutes, through a penalty converted by Jorge Abecassis, who put the score in 3-0.

The CDUL player, who only missed one of the six penalties he collected in the first half, continued to show the finishing touch, being responsible for all 12 points that the ‘wolves’ had at the 27th-minute advantage.

When the result was already 12-0, Portugal managed, in 28 minutes, the first of two trials achieved in the first half. Jean de Sousa and João Belo were the men who staged the rehearsals, which were decisive for the comfortable advantage with which they reached the interval: 27-0.

In the second half, the dominance was further accentuated for the commanders of Martim Aguiar. Salvador Vassalo (twice), Manuel Marta, Rodrigo Marta, Duarte Diniz and António Cortes inscribed their name on the test scores list, while Jorge Abecassis, who had already scored five penalties and one conversion before the break, made four more conversions in the second half.

The weak Polish squad only managed to celebrate in Setubal: Michal Jurczynski, at 68 minutes, pointed out the test that earned the East set the only points of the match.

The Rugby Europe Trophy is the second tier of the sport at European level and runs until 08 June. The winner of this competition will play a play-off of access to the Rugby Europe Championship with the last classified of this step.

After Poland, Portugal has opponents in this edition the Netherlands (March 9, outside), Switzerland (March 16, outside), Czech Republic (March 23 at home) and Lithuania (April 6, outside).

The game in the Municipal Complex of Athletics of the Valley of the Rose, in Setúbal.

Portugal – Poland, 65-5.

At interval: 27-0.

Under the refereeing of the Italian Manuel Bottino, the teams aligned:

– Portugal: João Corte-Real, Nuno Mascarenhas, Diogo Hasse Ferreira, José de Alte, Jean de Sousa, João Granate, Salvador Vassalo, Vasco Baptista, João Belo, Jorge Abecassis, António Cortes, Tomás Appleton, Rodrigo Freudenthal, Rodrigo Marta and Manuel Marta.

Also played: Bruno Rocha, Duarte Diniz, Martim Cardoso, José Andrade, Vasco Ribeiro, Sebastião Villax, António Marques and Francisco Bruno.

(8): Jean de Sousa (28), João Belo (38), Salvador Vassalo (58 and 80 + 8), Manuel Marta (64), Rodrigo Marta (71), Duarte Diniz (77), António Cortes ).

Conversions (5): Jorge Abecassis (29, 73, 78, 80 and 80 + 9).

Penalties (5): Jorge Abecassis (08, 14, 22, 27 and 35).

Coach: Martim Aguiar.

– Poland: Michal Gadomski, Grzegorz Buczek, Radoslaw Bysewski, Ronan Seydak, Mateusz Bartoszek, Piotr Wisniewski, Alexsander Nowicki, Piotr Zeszutek, Mateusz Plichta, Wojciech Piotrowicz, Gregorz Szczepanski, Kewin Bracik, Daniel Gdula, Michal Jurczynski and Przemyslaw Rajewski.

They also played: Dawid Plichta, Robizon Kelberashvili, Adrian Potrykus, Konstantin Bezvernyi, Adrian Niemiec, Hugo Mazur and Artur Fursenko.

Essays (1): Michal Jurczynski (68).

Coach: Duaine Lindsey.

Disciplinary action: Piotr Zeszutek (53) and Jean de Sousa (53).

Assistance: About 800 spectators.

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