Portugal rises to 36th place in the global competitiveness ranking

Portugal rises again in the ranking of the most competitive countries in the world, according to the competitiveness ranking of the IMD World Competitiveness Center.

The IMD World Competitiveness Ranking places Portugal in 36th place in the ranking of the most competitive economies in the world, rising one position compared to 2020, with the podium now occupied by Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark.

It should be remembered that Porto Business School is, for the sixth consecutive year, IMD’s exclusive national partner for Portugal in the preparation of this ranking.

According to the ranking, which assesses factors such as economic performance, the efficiency of companies, infrastructure and the Government, Portugal consolidated its presence in the middle of the table, with the third rise in the last five years. In the last year, the national economy gained in competitiveness mainly due to slight improvements in scientific infrastructures (34th to 31st), in the social environment (22nd to 20th) and in skilled labor (44th to 42nd).

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