Portugal suffered 31 malware attacks per hour in January

In December, 17,943 attacks were recorded at a rate of 579 per day and, in the first days of February, 3,293 attempted attacks were recorded, corresponding to 46 malicious ‘attacks’ per hour.

For January, 35% of the detected malware was classified as completely unknown (so-called zero day failures), while the remaining 65% concerned malware known to cybersecurity experts. In the network attack segment, 4162 attempts detected in December rose to 19,233 in January, at a frequency of 620 attacks per day and 26 per hour, explains the press release.

The Threat Lab team is made up of specialized investigators who discover and study the latest threats and attacks online, using anonymous data from Firefox Feed and collected from a set of active Watchguard UTM devices on which owners share data with. team. There are over 42,000 such devices worldwide contributing to this data set.

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