Portugal Sotheby’s Realty organizes international event to boost Brazilian investment

Portugal Sotheby’s Realty in partnership with Sotheby’s Realty in Brazil, Miami, Orlando and New York, organize the ‘Brazilian Connection’, the first international event that brings together the main international markets of Sotheby’s International Realty, taking place today, November 9th, from 20:00 in online and live format.

The event aims to encourage Brazilian investment, promote synergy between Brazilians and their connection to the international market, presenting the public and customers with the best that Brazil, Portugal and the United States have to offer in terms of gastronomy, sports, art, entertainment and business.

In this first edition, three countries will be represented (Brazil, Portugal and the United States of America) and six cities will participate: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Miami, Orlando and New York.

At the ‘Brazilian Connection’, each panel will have a speaker who will be a representative from each Sotheby’s International Realty branch and several distinguished guests who will participate in talk style.

To watch the ‘Brazilian Connection’ by Portugal Sotheby’s Realty click here

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