Portugal starts selling pigs to China in December

Portuguese producers begin to export pork to China in December, through three national slaughterhouses, in a deal that will move about 100 million euros of exports in the first year, it was announced today.

Starting in December, we will start a business that will move to the sector and to Portugal, in the first year, about 100 million euros of pork exports and in the second year, we will move to 200 million” , told the director of the Portuguese Federation of Associations of Pig farmers, Nuno Correia.

The announcement comes after official Chinese authorities have published a document authorizing the Maporal, ICM and Montalva slaughterhouses to export to China via its website.

We have created alternatives to trade our animals outside Portugal that will allow us to grow sustainably … It is a business that will boost the agricultural sector in Portugal,” he added.

According to the official, the agreement was signed with the ACME Group and negotiations are underway to extend the deal.

China is a large-volume market, it is the largest producer and importer of pigs. What we did in Portugal was to unite efforts among the three companies to be able to meet the needs. to everything that China needs,” he said.

On the other hand, Agrupalto, of which Nuno Correia is an administrator, bought the slaughterhouse of Reguengos de Monsaraz (Maporal), which will proceed exclusively to the Chinese market.

The acquisition involved an initial investment of four million euros and will subsequently imply a reinforcement of six million euros, aimed at increasing production.

In total, 150 new jobs will be created in this unit.

In an initial phase, only in this slaughterhouse will be slaughtered four thousand animals per week and, by the end of 2019, will amount to 10,000 animals per week.

According to the director of the Portuguese Federation of Pig Industry Associations, a new survey will be carried out in six months to try to ratify three more slaughterhouses in Alcanede, Montijo and Lisbon.

On November 6, the Minister of Agriculture, Capoulas Santos, concluded the process of selling pork to China.

The process has been negotiated and finalized. It is only dependent on small details of a strictly bureaucratic nature, but it has been clearly assumed by the Minister of Customs [of China] that this is a concluded and that in the next few days will be fully regularized,” said Capoulas Santos.

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