Portugal ties with Argentina but smiles after the free-kicks

Portugal leads group B to a day of the closing of the initial phase of the race.

Portugal and Argentina, two of the main favorites to win the World Championship of roller hockey, tied, on Monday, to a goal in a match referring to the second round of group B of the competition that takes place in Barcelona.

The team from the corners were in the best plan during the first part and arrived in justice to the advantage before the whistle for the interval, through Gonçalo Alves.

In the second half, a goal from Lucas Ordoñez, in the conversion of a direct free, ended up sealing the equality between both teams.

In the tiebreaker for free, Portugal would prove to be superior. Hélder Nunes scored the two Portuguese attempts, while on the other hand, only Carlos Nicolia managed to beat André Girão on one occasion.

A factor that may prove decisive in the fight for a place in the quarter-finals of the competition, as the two teams now divide the group B lead with four points each.

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