Portugal up from the seventh to the sixth place in the FIFA ranking

Portugal climbed from seventh to sixth place in the FIFA soccer ranking, which continues to be led by Belgium, with a lead over France and 51 points over Brazil.

Defeats in the League of Nations led to a six-point loss to Belgium and France, who hold a significant advantage over Brazil, who recovered seven points from their seventh-place finishes against Uruguay, and Cameroon ( 55, fell four places).

Portugal, a finalist and host of the League of Nations, was the beneficiary of the fall of Uruguay, a selection that changed positions, being the only change in the top-10 ranking.

The success of Sweden and Holland in the same event also translated into increases for both teams, respectively four and one places, which share the 14th place of the FIFA table with 1,560 points.

Serbia (29th place) and Czech Republic (42th), also boosted by the good performance in the League of Nations, rose six places in the ‘ranking’, but the selection of Morocco (40th) the highest ascent in the top-50 when ascending seven positions.

Iran, coached by Carlos Queiroz, moved up a position and currently occupies the 29th position, being the most well-known Asian team, ahead of, among others, South Korea, led by Paulo Bento, who maintained the 53rd. º.

Burkina Faso, by Paulo Duarte, lost four places and is in 61st places, such as Cape Verde, who fell to 72nd, while the national teams of Mozambique and Angola rose five places and now occupy 117 .ª and 125ªª.

– FIFA ‘Ranking’ on November 29:

1. (1) Belgium, 1.727.

2. (2) France, 1,726.

3. (3) Brazil, 1976.

4. (4) Croatia, 1.634.

5. (5) England, 1631.

6. (7) Portugal, 1.614.

7. (6) Uruguay, 1,609.

8. (8) Switzerland, 1599.

9. (9) Spain, 1591.

10. (10) Denmark, 1.589.


29. (30) Iran, 1481.

53. (53) South Korea, 1.405.

61. (57) Burkina Faso, 1,371.

72. (68) Cape Verde, 1.325.

121. (119) Guinea-Bissau, 1158.

117. (122) Mozambique, 1,167.

125. (130) Angola, 1,131.

183. (184) Macau, 925.

185. (187) Sao Tome and Principe, 920.

196. (191) Timor-Leste, 900.

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