Portugal beat the Czech Republic in the European Volleyball Super League

Portugal beat the Czech Republic (3-2), in the second round of Group C of the European Volleyball Super League. The match was played at the Chyzhokva Arena in Minsk, Belarus.

The Czechs started better and won the first partial (25-20), but Portugal responded with triumphs in the following two sets (27-25 and 39-37), placing themselves in front of the scoreboard. In the partial quarter, the victory returned to smile to the Czech Republic (25-22), forcing the black woman who smiled to the Portuguese group (15-12).

With this result, Portugal won the first triumph in the European Super League and is in third place with two points, with the Czechs in the last position, with only one point. It is recalled that the classification is led by Turkey (six), followed by Belarus (three).

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