Portugal beat Japan in preparation for the World Cup (3-2)

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Portugal defeated Japan, by 3-2, in a preparatory meeting for the World Cup, held on Wednesday night.

In a first-half in which Portugal was controlling, there were not many chances to score. Tiago Brito, at eight minutes, forced the Japanese goalkeeper to apply. Zicky, in the 10’, with a touch of his heel, made the ball pass very close to the left post of the goal, guarded by Yushi Sekiguchi. Pany, at 12’, forced the opposing keeper to make a new defense. If Bebé was not called to intervene, Edu came in and was called with six minutes to go, denying the goal to a Japanese player who came in front of him. Fábio Cecílio in the 16th minute was also close to the goal, but the ball went over the top.

The second half began with Japan’s goal. Portugal responded by Fábio Cecílio in the 26th minute. The Portuguese winger, with an excellent technical gesture, beat Higor Pires. The Japanese returned to the front of the scoreboard in the 28th minute, thanks to the goal of Katsutoshi Rafael Henmi, who plays in Liga Placard for Benfica.

Portugal equalized in the 30th minute, by Zicky, who deflected Miguel Ângelo’s shot from close range to goal, was the Portuguese pivot’s debut in the A team. ahead of the scoreboard thanks to Bruno Coelho’s goal.

Japan was trying to react, but without success. Portugal ended up winning this first test.

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