Portugal wants to distinguish itself by innovation in SIAL Paris

PortugalFoods, together with more than 70 Portuguese companies, participates in the fair of the agrifood sector SIAL Paris, which starts today, wants to distinguish itself and to design the country, through products that combine tradition and innovation.

“The important thing is to be able to demonstrate that, in Portugal, different things are done in which tradition is often associated with innovation. Differentiation is therefore due to the fact that the Portugal brand demonstrates the good that is done in this country “said the president of PortugalFoods, Amândio Santos.

According to the official, SIAL Paris is “a meeting point for the agri-food sector” that brings together sellers and buyers for five days, allowing companies to “find priority markets” to implement their strategies.

“In 2012, we had about 250 square meters and 16 companies, [while] this year we will have a record presence of about 1,000 square meters and 72 companies,” he added.

Amândio Santos also said that among the Portuguese delegation “there is a backbone of companies that have in their DNA foreign markets”, which act as “locomotive to mobilize the participation of new companies”.

“Being present at a fair of these with such a strong country spot, is the projection of our identity, dynamics and courage to demonstrate that we are among the best,” defended the president of PortugalFoods.

According to the association, more than 150,000 visitors from all over the world are expected at the event taking place in the French capital, which will have more than 7,000 exhibitors.

“France is the epicenter of this fair … but we are at SIAL to design our name for the world,” he concluded. “About 90% of the contacts that take place at this fair are not French buyers.

Portugal will be at SIAL Paris, which runs until Thursday, with companies such as Novarroz, Amendouro, Fresbeira, Ramirez, Frueat and Mirazeite.

Also confirmed was the presence of the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Food, Luís Medeiros Vieira, the Secretary of State for Internationalization, Eurico Brilhante Dias, as well as a representative of the Portuguese Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade (AICEP).

Formed in 2008, PortugalFoods is an association made up of companies, entities of the scientific and technological system and national and regional entities that represent the agri-food sector.

Among the objectives of the association are the increase in the technological index of companies in the sector, the promotion of internationalization and the production of innovation.

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