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Portugal went to Poland to win


The Portuguese team today went to Poland to win 3-0, in a game held at Atlas Arena, in Lodz, this which was the second qualifying game for Euro-2022.

After a less successful game in Portugal on January 29 in Mafra, Poland’s futsal team in which Portugal only managed a draw 2-2, the National futsal team won this Wednesday its Polish counterpart, by 3-0 in their second qualifying game for the Netherlands 2022 European Championship.

The goals of the Portuguese team were scored by Cardinal and André Coelho in a game with clear Portuguese dominance in which the team led by Jorge Braz always had the initiative in the game.

There were several opportunities created by the Portuguese team, at 11 seconds João Matos started by testing the Polish goalkeeper, Miguel Ângelo, at 7 minutes, he shot by passing the ball to Michal Kaluza’s left post.

At 8 minutes it was André Coelho with a strong shot, but it passed by the side, Tiago Brito in the next minute took the ball to hit the left post. Ricardinho dribbled the goalkeeper but ended up failing, not giving the best move in the 11th minute, it was after this move that Poland made a dangerous shot for the first time, with a strong shot by Michal Klaus but that Vítor Hugo swerved to the corner.

It was in the 14th minute that whit a Cardinal’s shot, that Portugal opened the scoring, the 2-0 came 31 seconds from the end of the first half, by André Coelho.

The second half started with Portugal dominating the game and in the first minute, Cardinal almost scored the second of his personal account, taking the ball to the post. Łukasz Błaszczyk with great defence prevented the 3-0 by Fábio Cecílio.

Poland losing and with few opportunities, with five minutes to go, decided to risk playing with an advanced goalkeeper and became a little more dangerous with Sebastian Leszczakm shooting Edu’s goal post.

At 38 minutes Cardinal at the 10-meter mark to punish Poland’s sixth foul established the final result, 3-0.

Portugal’s next games will be in March, against the Czech Republic.

Game data
Qualification for the European Championship Netherlands 2022 2nd Day
Atlas Arena, Lodz

Referees: David Urdánoz Apezteguía and Juan José Cordero Gallardo (Spain).
Third Referee: Slawomir Steczko (Poland)
Timekeeper: Dominik Cipinski (Poland)

Final result – POLAND 0-3 PORTUGAL (0-2 half time)

Poland team: Michał Kałuża, Michał Klaus, Krzysztof Elsner, Tomasz Kriezel Arkadiusz Szczypczyński, Łukasz Błaszczyk, Piotr Łopuch, Sebastian Grubalski, Bartłomiej Piórkowski, Sebastian Leszczkk, Sebastian Madzczak, Mateus
Coach: Błażej Korczyńsk.

Portugal team: Vítor Hugo, João Matos, Pedro Cary, Ricardinho, Cardinal, Edu, André Coelho, Miguel Ângelo, Pany, Tiago Brito, Afonso, Erick, Fábio Cecílio and Pauleta
Coach: Jorge Braz.
Goals: Cardinal (15 ‘and 38’) and André Coelho (20 ‘)

The eight winners and the six best seconds go on to Euro-2022
Group 8: Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic and Norway.
Next matches: the Czech Republic in March and Norway in April

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