Portugal will be part of the construction project for the largest solar telescope in Europe

Portugal Space will participate in the development of the new European Solar Telescope (TSE). The Portuguese Space Agency is now part of the consortium management of 30 institutions from 18 countries that will study the scientific and economic feasibility of the project aimed at building the largest solar telescope ever built in Europe.

The TSE will be able to examine the magnetic union in the solar atmosphere, from the deepest layers of the photosphere to the highest strata of the chromosphere. In addition, you can show the thermal, dynamic and magnetic attributes of solar plasma in high spatial and temporal resolution.

After the preparatory phase that will end at the end of 2020, the consortium and the project’s funding organizations will draw up a detailed plan about the installation of the telescope, analyzing the costs and possible risks. In all, it is estimated that the project will cost 180 million euros.

The TSE will be installed in the Canary Islands and should begin to observe the activity of the Sun from 2027. Portugal Space says that the project will be fundamental to predict and mitigate the impact of solar storms on Earth. The phenomenon can affect the most sensitive electrical systems, causing interruptions in satellite communications and failures in navigation systems and international power networks.

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