Portugal will host Ibero-American Culture Congress in 2022

The announcement was made by Graça Fonseca at the end of the seventh congress, organized by Mexico and which has been running since Wednesday with debates and reflections among participants only over the Internet, because of the covid-19 pandemic.

The holding of this congress in Portugal is an opportunity to continue a strategy of affirmation in the Ibero-American space, as well as to foster opportunities for partnership and cooperation for Portuguese cultural entities.

In the closing speech, Graça Fonseca expressed the wish that the 2022 congress could take place in person in Portugal.

This year, the Ibero-American Culture Congress, which brought together officials from 22 countries, was subordinated to the theme of “Culture and Sustainable Development”.

According to the program, among the objectives set for this congress were a reflection on the needs and the economic and professional situation of Ibero-American creators and cultural agents, and a strengthening of cooperation networks between agents and artists from the aggregated countries in this community of the two. sides of the Atlantic.

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