Portugal wins and will be in the Euro 2020

The Portuguese team beat Luxembourg in a game played in a “field of potatoes” that made the team’s work very difficult, but the home team also had good moves and even scoring opportunities and did everything to surprise Portugal.

Portugal secured their presence in the 2020 UEFA European Championship with victories in their last 2-0 match against Luxembourg, with goals from Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo.

In a game that the National Team should have won more easily against the group’s last classified, they had many difficulties to reach the goal of Luxembourg.

A team that had several chances in their field, who just failed to score, bad luck, ineffectiveness and because the Portuguese defence managed to clear the ball.

But of course, the lousy pitch that looked more like a field ready to “sow potatoes” favoured the more direct and ball game for the home team.

Portugal around 25 minutes changed to a more direct way of playing and the game started to be different although Luxembourg continues to create difficulties.

First, at 22 ‘, Jans appeared loose in the area, but Danilo avoided the goal. Then it was Gerson Rodrigues who headed over the Portuguese goal. It was in the 39th with Bruno Fernandes’s shot, Bernardo Silva’s pass, that Portugal opened the scoring with an excellent goal, the Portuguese midfielder dominates the ball and shoots hard and wide into the penalty area.

The National Team in the second half of the game came in with the desire to score the second goal and more opportunities were emerging although without great danger, but Luxembourg did not lower their arms and tried until the last minutes to tie the game.

It was already ending the game, that Cristiano Ronaldo insistently launched his 99th goal for the national team to the delight of all the Portuguese present.

Bernardo Silva crosses, Diogo Jota tries to pull over, Moris saves forwards and on the rebound, Ronaldo scores the goal that reassures the team and Portugal.

Portugal did not start qualifying well, tied with Serbia and Ukraine, and in the middle, lost in Kiev with the group winner Ukraine, but with this victory, Portugal passes in second and will be present at Euro’2020, his 15th. competition between Europeans and World Cups.

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