Portugal wins gold in the 4×400 meters post in Ibero-Americans

Portugal closed the Portuguese participation in the Ibero-American Championships of athletics, with the triumph of the feminine team in the 4×400 meters, in Trujillo, Peru.

The Portuguese were always in front of the race, first by Rivinilda Mentai, then Joyciline Monteiro, while in the third course was Cátia Azevedo, who had strong approach of the Argentine equipment, and finally Dorothée Évora endured the final attack of the South American, guaranteeing the triumph Portuguese in 3.36,49 minutes.

The Argentine quartet completed the race at 3.36.99 and Spain at 3.38.22.

In this test of coup was very well noted some break of Cátia Azevedo, the only one of the Portuguese that ran an individual event and that conquered the gold in the 400 meters. The rest, despite being registered in individual events, did not run, a technical option that allowed the only gold medal of a Portuguese coup in Ibero-American Championships.

In addition to the medals of another, Portugal closed the championships with four more medals, of which two of silver – Tsanko Arnaudov in the masculine weight and Susan Costa in the triple feminine jump – and two of bronze – Ricardo Santos in the 400 meters and Irina Rodrigues in the disc release.

The record of six medals is the second largest in the editions since 2000 in Ibero-American made in South America, after the nine achievements in 2000, in Rio de Janeiro. Only in the Iberian editions Portugal did better, with 13 in 2004 in Huelva, and in 2010 in San Fernando.

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