Portugal with a quintet in Abu Dhabi thinking of points for Tokyo2020

João Pereira and João Silva represent men, while Melanie Santos, Helena Carvalho and Vera Vilaça compete in the women’s sector.

Portugal will be represented by five athletes at the premiere of the triathlon world circuit in Abu Dhabi on Friday and Saturday in the first of eight calendar stages, scoring for the Olympic qualifying.

João Pereira and João Silva represent the men, while Melanie Santos, Helena Carvalho and Vera Vilaça compete in the women’s sector, all looking for points that feed the Olympic qualification for Tokyo2020, where the best 55 of each sex will compete.

João Silva is the best man, in 26th in this classification, with 1621 points, while João Pereira is 32nd with 1523, table led mainly by the Spanish Mário Mola with 5681, followed by Frenchman Luis Vincent with 4183.

Vasco Vilaça, with 399 points, is 115th and looks out of the race.

Melanie Santos is 19th with 2225 points and Helena Carvalho 96th with 427, ranking in the United States by Katie Zaferes with 5001, well ahead of the British Vicky Holland with 4111.

Qualifying a second female element for Tokyo2020 goes through the Mixed Courier Test, which includes the top 15 international courts.

In Japan, the individual events will consist of 1,500 meters of swimming, followed by 40 kilometres of cycling and 10 of the final race.

The format of the mixed courier, which will make its debut in the Games, will have 300 meters of swimming, 7.4 kilometres of cycling and two kilometres of running, and the teams will be composed of four athletes, each of which will complete the entire before giving testimony to a colleague.

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