Portugal’s highest point receives concert accordion at festival

The mountain of Pico, in the Azores, the highest point of Portugal, receives a music concert on the 12th by the musician Nuno Carpinteiro, who presents his original work on an accordion at 2,351 meters of altitude.

“The Portuguese musician composed a song entitled ‘The Mountain’ that intends to debut at the highest point of Portugal on January 12 and the public is invited to the concert that should take place at noon, depending on the time of climb up the mountain,” said Terry Costa, the artistic director of MiratecArts, in statements to the Lusa agency.

This association promotes, for the fifth year, the Pico Festival Mountain that aims to encourage the creation of projects related to “the mountain or mountains of the world”, also valuing these places and preserving their culture.

“Throughout these editions, the participation of the public has been incredible. For example, at eight o’clock in the morning the Casa da Montanha is already full of people who intend to make the climb to attend the concert,” said Terry Costa, remembering that it is about a course that takes an average of eight hours, depending on weather conditions, from the morning climb, concert time, and crater and piquinho mountain survey, ending with the descent.

Guilherme Rodrigues ‘cello, Luis Senra’s saxophone, and Ross OC Jennings’ bagpipe were other concerts held on the Mountain in previous editions of the festival, according to Terry Costa.

The fifth edition of the Pico Festival Mountain, which started on January 1st, takes place throughout January, with exhibitions in each municipality of Pico and in the Baleeiros Museum, with more than 20 events on the island, such as movie nights, exhibitions, tea afternoons on Sundays, with artists from 12 countries dedicated to the theme of mountain culture, as well as other initiatives that can be consulted at

There are also special events such as the world premiere of Pedro Canavilhas ‘2351’, the climb to the peak with an accordion concert and the PedrArte program, where artists develop works inspired or performed on the Pico basaltic rock, added Terry Costa.

The artistic director also said that on Friday, January 11, the night before the ascent to the mountain, “there will be a special concert in the auditorium of Madalena, featuring 3 solos.”

Nuno Carpinteiro presents his original work in accordion, Gonçalo Cruz returns to the island with bagpipes and to present the Gaita Cammino Mountain of Pico, inspired by the mountain island itself, and Luís Senra returns with his saxophone for a performance titled ” from the mountain to the stars is already there, “indicates the program.

Mountain Pico Festival has as an institutional partner the regional director of the Environment.

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