Portuguese acrobats went to ‘Got Talent’ Spain and charmed jury

One, two, three, four ‘sins’ of the Spanish jurors.

From Lisbon to Spain, a team of Portuguese land acrobats showed their choreography to the Spanish version of Got Talent. And it was distinguished.

Before the performance, it is possible to hear the jury asking the group who is preparing to act who they are and where they come from.

We are the Aério Warehouse and we came from Portugal, Lisbon“, one of the young people of the group is heard answering in Castilian.

The group of 13 young people who took the stage then presented the judges with their ambitious choreography, one that also involves aerial acrobatics, which is of course a “risk“, as the choreographer points out to the host of the Spanish television program.

The Spanish program already released on YouTube the performance that elicited applause from the public and the votes more than necessary to pass: after all, all the jurors gave their ‘yes’.

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