Portuguese actress ends in February recording of ‘The Suicide Squad’

Portuguese actress Daniela Melchior ends in February filming her participation in James Gunn’s American film ‘The Suicide Squad’, which she sees as the possible start of an international career.

At 23, Daniela Melchior plays the role that could turn out to be the first step towards or even the beginning of an international career. The role is that of one of the characters in ‘The Suicide Squad’, just can’t yet reveal which one.

Daniela Melchior started her career in 2014 in television. The film debut took place last year, with a guest appearance in Valeria Sarmento’s’ Caderno Negro ‘and one of the lead roles in António-Pedro Vasconcelos’ Parque Mayer, which earned her a nomination for Best Actress. Sophia Awards, from the Portuguese Academy of Cinema.

The opportunity to participate in ‘The Suicide Squad’ came through the agent she got in the United States and with whom she had been working for months. Daniela Melchior handed the agent a tape.

In September he moved to the capital of the US state of Georgia. The actress stressed that she could not generalize, given her little experience in cinema, both in one market and the other.

However, making the film with Warner Brothers’ biggest set budget ever, the biggest difference Daniela Melchior can spot is undoubtedly the overall budget that ultimately influences all departments and makes it impossible to compare. between Portugal and the United States.

Daniela Melchior’s participation in the sequel to Suicide Squad was advanced in April by the American magazine Variety. According to that publication, the actress plays in the movie Ratcatcher, one of Batman’s many enemies and who in the comic was a man.

Although the Portuguese actress cannot provide much information about the role, she said that she studied it from the script and conversations she had with the director about the character and the universe in which she is inserted.

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