Portuguese actress integrates new theater company in Berlin

The theater company ‘Blauhauch’ (‘blue air’), formed by nine women, all of different nationalities, including a Portuguese woman, is born this Wednesday in the German capital.

Two years ago, Laura Frederick moved to Berlin to work in the “international market”.

The actress from Castelo Branco, a law graduate, with a professional career between cinema and theater, confesses that being part of a new company came “by chance.”

“Being a group of nine women has a great deal of power from the outset, I felt that I could use my creativity freely, without being judged, it was one of the things I liked the most. and feel safe, “explains the 31-year-old Portuguese woman.

“We all have different profiles and we come from different countries: Norway, Chile, Portugal, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland and the Philippines, and we are all different,” says Marion Bott, creator of the theater company.

“Initially I knew three of these women, the other came up. We have a circus actress, others with a classical theater background, all with very different backgrounds and backgrounds, which makes the company so rich”, reveals the French actress, who worked years in the United Kingdom.

‘Blauhauch’ is registered in London but is based in Berlin. The goal is to be in both places.

“Let’s start with stage rehearsals, on October 18 and 19, at the Unterm Dach theater in Berlin, and we’re also rehearsing our first play,” says Laura Frederick.

The play, which was written during three artistic residencies, is called ‘What Silence Has to Say’.

“It’s about a woman who falls asleep, dreams that she’s mute, and turns into everything she’s afraid of in real life.” The various characters around her represent desires, fears, and people she relates to in real life, ” Marion Bott.

The French actress says that the idea of ??forming a collective company, made up of only women, appeared in dreams, “without any effort.”

“I asked myself what was the color of dreams, to me it is blue, that is the color of the space where dreams happen.There is a time during the night, between three and four in the morning when the sky is so dark, and the air is a kind of blue tint, and they say that this is the moment when our dreams are more frequent and intense, it’s a kind of blue air, where dreams become possible, “confesses Marion Butt. purpose of the creation and the name of the ‘Blauhauch’.

Portuguese singer Laura Frederico, who currently lives between Berlin and Lisbon, where she is taking a master’s degree from the School of Theater and Cinema, stresses that the dedication to the new theater company is “very big”.

“Of course, in the life of an artist there are several projects at the same time, I will conciliate as I can,” reveals the Portuguese actress.

In addition to representations, ‘Blauhauch’ intends to offer ‘workshops’ for women, with the aim of creating poems, music, monologues, but also coaching or meditation services because’ all the elements of the company are actresses, but they are more than that, “says Marion Bott.

“The purpose of the company is to tell stories about us, women, empower them to talk freely about sexuality, about everyday situations, about abuse, to encourage them to share the meaning of being a woman these days,” founder of the Berlin-based theater company.

The official presentation of the new company ‘Blauhauch’ takes place one day after the ‘birth’, next Thursday, October 4.

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