Portuguese among the artists of the first urban art festival Pow! Wow!

The Urban Art Festival Pow! Wow! is held for the first time in Europe in September in Rotterdam and has the Portuguese Nuno Viegas among the participating artists.

The Pow! Wow! surfaced in the US state of Hawaii. At the end of some editions it was held in Los Angeles, having then arrived in Asia, where it already happened in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.

This year, according to information provided on the initiative’s website, it has “the first ever edition in Europe in Rotterdam”, on 15 and 16 September.

In the list of artists participating in the festival is the Portuguese Nuno Viegas, also known as Metis, who was born and raised in the Algarve, where he began painting in 1999 and where he founded the collective Policromia Crew.

Living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, since 2014, it was there that he discovered a new artistic identity and began to develop a work in painting strongly influenced by graffiti.

The festival’s program includes live music and painting, as well as an exhibition of vans operated by various artists.

Included in the program is the Benelux ‘Street Art’ Awards ceremony (Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland).

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