Portuguese artist Bela Silva on exhibition in Paris

The Galerie du Passage, in Paris, has an exhibition with about 40 works by Bela Silva, the Portuguese artist who “totally renovated the art of ceramics”, according to the gallery.

The exhibition, inaugurated on September 13 and open until October 13, brings together works of various formats of the artist who recently made a drawing for the famous collection of silk scarves from the brand of haute couture Hermès.

“She rejects the wheel, which creates very perfect pieces, and prefers to mold them by hand … Of course, every creation is unique, and when it imagines large vessels, it refuses the idea of ​​usefulness , of the function of ceramics, what interests him is the sculptural dimension of the object, its beauty and the emotion it arouses, “according to the Galerie du Passage press release.

Close to the Louvre Museum, the gallery features paintings, tiled panels, sculptures, tables, vases and other decorative objects in pottery to include a vast bestiary with predators and prey, an orientalizing and Mannerist universe between the real and the mythological, with bright colors, expansive shapes, satin textures and other rough textures.

It is “a year and a half of very physical work” that Bela Silva presents in Paris, a city that inspires her and where she feels “at home,” she told Lusa.

The forms refer to both Baroque style and Manueline architecture – with naturalistic elements, animals and fantastic figures, ornamental patterns and curved lines – as evoked by the varied universes of Bordalo Pinheiro in pottery, by Henri Matisse in arabesques and collages, or by Raoul Dufy on the pallet.

“The trips, Portugal, the Manueline, the forms that have to do with our architecture.” At school in Chicago, teachers said that I had a job with a masculine force, but with a more feminine sensuality. things. We travel and we see a lot, “said the artist.

In the press release, the Galerie du Passage adds that it is “an exuberant, atypical work that alternates incessantly with drawing and ceramics,” but Bela Silva also “cuts and glues, composing poetic scrapbooks, characters and animal settlements colorful, overflowing with fancy “.

“Is not it a particular, irregular, autonomous universe, contrary to the rule and the classic canons that Bela Silva’s poetics translate? In the image of Baroque architectural expression, it bursts structures, shapes and sets in motion space and lines “, describes the catalog of the exhibition.

Bela Silva was born in Lisbon in 1966 and studied at the Superior School of Fine Arts in Porto and Lisbon at the AR.CO. Art and Communication Center at Norwich University of the Arts in the United Kingdom and obtained a master’s degree in Art at the Art Institute of Chicago.

He lived in New York, where he illustrated articles for the New York Times, exhibited in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, China and Japan, returned to Lisbon in 2007, but had to “do the packing again” and ” and move to Brussels.

In Portugal he exhibited, for example, at the National Tile Museum, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Oriental Museum, the National Museum of Ancient Art, Ajuda National Palace and a panel of tiles at Alvalade Station, Lisbon.

Bela Silva’s work was also on display two years ago at the Galerie du Passage, under the first edition of Lusoscopia, at Camões Cultural Center in Paris, a project in which several Parisian galleries exhibit Portuguese artists.

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