Portuguese artist Nuno Roque debuts this year in French cinema

The Portuguese artist Nuno Roque, who has appeared in several operas in France, will premiere in French cinema in the film “Les Bonnes Intentions”, by the director Gilles Legrand, with the participation of actress Agnès Jaouï.

The film will premiere at the Angoulême Festival du Film Francophone on August 24, and will arrive in the French movie theaters on November 21 and Portuguese on January 17.

The Portuguese plays the role of a young autistic Brazilian in a dramatic comedy that tells the story of a French teacher, played by Agnès Jaouï, determined to get her group of seven immigrant students to pass the road code exam.

“It was interesting. Agnès [Jaoui], I knew her work very well, I had the impression that we were going to get along very well and did a good job. She speaks Portuguese, she sings in Portuguese, is a good workmate. The director is a very attentive person, he takes good care of his team and I was very lucky because I hear that it is very rare, “said Nuno Roque.

Getting into a French film “for the first time” was not easy, due to a “certain resistance” against the Portuguese actors.

“There is no Portuguese that is extremely called. For example, there are several Spanish actors, there are several German actors that you see constantly in the movies and sometimes there is still a bit of resistance: ‘We will only call a Portuguese when we go to do something in Portuguese’, “he testified.

At the same time, Nuno Roque, 30, is making his first short film, which he describes as “an artistic manifest film”, which should only be ready by 2020.

“It’s almost an art manifest. It’s a movie in which I play four different characters. It is an aesthetic film that is being shot entirely within a studio, there is no picture of a real place. It’s a bit like the old Hollywood movies, which were all shot inside a studio, “he explained.

The artist had already done a video work entitled “My Cake”, which in 2015 and 2016 was shown in museums and cinemas in the United States, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Canada and France. The video was nominated for several international awards, including the Blooom Award in Germany and Prix Videoformes in France.

Nuno Roque lives and works in Paris since 2006, and develops a multidisciplinary work that goes from music, cinema, sculpture, photography and representation.

The artist has a studio in the Normandy region of France, where he is also carrying out a “self-portrait project” with “satirical, sometimes shocking, politically incorrect photographs”, which he plans to bring to festivals next year.

After passing through several television programs as a child, Nuno Roque joined, at age 14, at the Contemporary Academy of the Spectacle, in Porto. At 17, he went to Rio de Janeiro to study cinema at Laranjeiras House of Arts and, at 18, arrived in Paris to enter the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq.

He was part of the troupe of director Irina Brook, in the show “Pan”, in 2011, entered in the operas “The Traviata”, of Giuseppe Verdi, “The Magic Flute”, of Mozart, “Dido and Aeneas”, of Henry Purcell, and “C’était Marie-Antoinette”, staged by Frenchman Jean-Paul Scarpitta.

In 2009, Nuno Roque created an independent production team, La Mafia dell ‘Arte, which brings together artists from various countries and, in 2014, was on the digital platform that brought together emerging artists, entitled Creative Art, sponsored by the Franco-German TV channel Arte .

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