Portuguese artist Vhils supports pediatric oncology project

Also the cultural platform Underdogs, owned by the same artist, is part of the fundraising action.

The work of Alexandre Farto, world-renowned for the faces he creates on walls through the removal of some pieces, is as characteristic as well-known, and therefore long presentation is unnecessary when talking about Vhils, name by which it is known.

It is he who joins the Foundation Rui Osorio de Casto, who will donate the funds raised in an online sale of 50 screenprints and 10 pieces of artist, works resulting from the new edition, which will be presented during the day, October 17 .

These funds are earmarked for projects in the field of information and support for research in pediatric oncology that will gain prominence and reach a broader public, according to Cristina Potier, director general of the Foundation who is “truly satisfied with the partnership.”

According to Raul Carvalho, general manager of the Underdogs gallery, “it is always important to support solidarity projects”, an idea that Vhils shares in demonstrating his contentment to “contribute to something so important and that can help these children and their families in a difficult period of their lives. ”

Still, and because the Foundation does every year a playful and interesting moment for the children they work with, the partnership will also have a workshop where a group of children and adolescents will have the opportunity to contact the artist directly , as well as participate in an atelier guided by himself and his team.

The partnership between Vhils and Fundação Rui Osório de Castro is finally marked by the four Hcs serigraphs (normally intended for the editor), which will be donated to the Foundation and to four pediatric cancer centers in Portugal.

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