Portuguese beaches highlighted on international travel site

Of the lists of the best beaches in the world, there are five Portuguese beaches.

The Flight Network travel website has already released the annual lists of the best beaches in the world and five of the distinguished beaches are Portuguese.

More than 1,200 journalists, bloggers and international travel agents have appeared on Comporta Beach in the district of Setúbal, Ursa Beach, Cabo da Roca, Sintra, Vila Nova de Milfontes Beach, Alentejo, and the beaches of Dona Ana and Benagil in the Algarve.

Comporta Beach stands out in the 40th place in the list of the 50 best beaches in the world and in 4th in the ranking of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

In the text that accompanies the photos, this beach in the district of Setúbal is described as “one of the chicest beaches in Europe, untouchable and to be discovered”, but with a snag: “the water is so cold that it stuns.”

As for Praia da Ursa, in Sintra, experts explain that in order to reach “this hidden secret” it is necessary to travel a “long and steep” path, but guarantee that it is worth doing and stop to contemplate the view while “recovering the breath “.

Malhão Beach, in Vila Nova de Milfontes, appears in the category of beaches that are still “untouchable“. The Flight Network website reveals that this beach has “smooth and golden sands, crystal clear waters and impressive rock formations around the sea” and is “one of the most remote in the region, with zero development, which allows you to truly appreciate your beauty“.

Already in the Algarve, Benagil Beach, in the city of Lagoa, is highlighted by its “golden cliffs and crystal clear waters” and the “impressive and magical” caves and the Dona Ana beach, which appears in the ranking of ‘beaches city’ considered “one of the most beautiful“, surrounded “by photogenic cliffs, a golden sand that contrasts with the blue of the sea” and is a few steps from the center of Lagos, “which means you can spend the day in the sand and at night in the heart of one of the best cities in the Algarve.

Already the most beautiful beach in the world for the experts who built this ranking is the Navagio Beach in Zakynthos, Greece.

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