Portuguese boy ‘gets’ new face thanks to US physicians

The boy’s new face was presented in the company of his heroes: the Flash and the doctors.

Simao Meco, 9, is in the news in the US press thanks to an operation he was submitted to ‘receive’ a new face.

The Spaniard, who lives in New Jersey, was born with a rare deformity in his face but thanks to the medical team at Cohen Children’s Hospital in New Hyde Park, he underwent surgery to improve his condition.

“I feel better. I can see better,” said the child after the operation he was subjected on January 8.

Simão was born in Portugal with a condition known as congenital fissures in the face.

The new figure of Simon, a child who came to be called “monster” by his schoolmates, was presented in the company of his favorite superheroes: Flash and … his doctors.

“For me, he was always beautiful, now he’s even more,” says the boy’s mother, Lisa, a native of Cantanhede.

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