Portuguese chefs want to create sustainable and healthier culinary tradition

‘A Healthy Food Tradition’ is the new project of the Professor Fernando de Pádua Foundation, which has the help of twelve Portuguese chefs, and aims to sensitize the Portuguese for the adoption of healthy food styles.

There are 12 months, with recipes made by 12 different chefs, who share the time of execution with a cardiologist.

Each one of the creations is made with healthier products promoting strategies to eliminate the traditions that are most harmful to our health.

In the various recipes, salt is one of the most fought ingredients. The chefs will show how easy it is to replace it with another aromatic herb or spice while retaining the taste of tradition.

Teaching people how to eat is one of the concerns of the Fernando de Pádua (FPFP), an IPSS whose statutory design is the Promotion of Health for a Better Quality of Life.

The number of obese people in Portugal has grown from year to year. Just last year, the figures showed that 60% of the Portuguese population lives with excess weight. And this number becomes even more worrying when part of the figures is referring to children.

As a way of contributing to the reversal of this epidemiological tendency, and of alerting the Portuguese to the advantages of the Mediterranean Diet and of the daily care with food, the Foundation Prof. Fernando Padua created the project ‘A Healthy Food Tradition to contribute to the growing adoption of healthy and sustainable food styles.

The conference will be attended by other chefs who have accepted the challenge of the Foundation, Chefs Alexandre Silva (Restaurante Loco), Bertílio Gomes (Restaurant Chapitô à Mesa), José Júlio Vintém (Restaurants Tomba Lobos and Picamiolos), as well as Cátia Goarmon ‘Tia Cátia’ from Canal 24 Kitchen), Isabel Zibaia Rafael (Blog Five Rooms of Orange) and Nuno Queiroz Ribeiro (Chef Promotor of the Mediterranean Diet DGS-OMS).

The event will feature the presence of actors Isabel Medina, Marlene Barreto, Miguel Linares, Diogo Faria and André Mascarenhas Barreto.

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