Portuguese company has tested queue control system

At a time when the creation of a password system on the mobile phone is accepted to avoid queues for vaccination, the Portuguese technology company Proside offers a new version of the Proximo® solution, which allows you to take passwords, request tickets, plan appointments and make reservations for hundreds of services, just a little customization as needed.

“This solution, in existence for 17 years, with several evolutions, has been proven in several hospitals or courts across the country and can be used in any other service, at any time”, recalls Paulo Alves, CEO of Proside. “In addition to managing the flow of people, the solution is even more important at a time when social distance is essential”, he concludes.

Any institution or establishment that needs to manage the flow of people, services, reservations, bookings and space capacity can, with Proximo®, do it easily, quickly and effectively, and benefit from two free months for companies that intend to join. For users of the application, use is completely free.

The Proximo® app is available for free download through the AppStore or PlayStore. Through the use of the application, which already has more than 11 thousand downloads, it is possible to avoid long queues and waiting times, as well as a high flow of people simultaneously, thus respecting physical distance.

Since its creation, the system has been applied in more than 900 locations across the country, has been used by more than 325,000 people and has responded to more than 7 million calls. The platform is already used in health services, such as Hospital de Guimarães, Hospital Amadora Sintra, IPO Lisbon, part of Hospital de Santa Maria de Lisboa and will soon begin to be used in 261 health centers in the ARS, reaffirming its leadership in this sector.

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