Portuguese company wins tender for inter-island shipping

The Portuguese group Transisular has won the international public tender for the management and operation of the public passenger and cargo transport service between the islands of Cape Verde, the Government announced today.

In a statement, the Cape Verdean executive recalled that in the first phase of the competition, the companies Line Transporte Marítimo, Transisular, SA & Transisular, Lda and West Africa Shipping Line, ANEK Line SA & Marlow Navigation Co, Ltd. were selected.

In the next phase, selected candidates were notified for the submission of proposals by September 27, 2018. This was done by West African Shipping Line, ANEK Line SA & Marlow Navigation Co, Ltd. and Transisular, SA & Transisular Investments

“The jury decided not to admit the West African Shipping Line proposal, ANEK Line SA & Marlow Navigation Co, Ltd., for failing to comply with the conditions set out in the Tender Program and the Call for Proposals”, reads in the communiqué of the Cape Verdean Government.

The next phase will be the conclusion of the contract with Transisular, SA & Transisular, Lda.

The executive says that “the maritime transport market in Cape Verde remains open to the current operators.”

“This means that the exclusivity regime for the future concessionaire will not restrict the market to a single operator, but rather assign to it the public service that the state is obliged to ensure,” reads the note.

The same statement added that “the Inter-Islands Public Sea Shipping Service (SPTMII) has reserved to the current inter-island shipping operators a minimum stake of 25% of the future concessionaire’s capital, which will be dispersed through the Stock Exchange, allowing so that at least a quarter of the gains of SPTMII are held by nationals. ”

This competition aimed to “ensure that Cape Verde has a maritime transport system between the islands of good passenger and cargo mobility, with security, as well as the integrity of the territory, the unification of the internal market, and the dynamization of the economy through enhancement of equity in business opportunities and investments throughout the country. “

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