Portuguese Cultural Center in Maputo reopened with an exhibition by Mário Macilau

Camões – Portuguese Cultural Center in Maputo reopened with the exhibition “Àgua” by Mário Macilau

The opening of the exhibition was attended by the Deputy Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources of Mozambique Cecília Chamutota, the Ambassador of Portugal Maria Amélia Paiva, and the member of the Board of WaterAid UK, Eng. Manuel Alvarinho.

Mário Macilau is a renowned Mozambican photographer, winner of several awards and with a vast international career, discovering his passion for photography at the age of 15. He has already presented his work in countries such as Malaysia, China, Bangladesh, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden.

This project entitled “Àgua” (“Water”) emphasizes the importance of water and access to it. In a period like the one we are going through, more than ever, water is essential to sanitation and related hygiene.

©Mariano Silva || Camões – Centro Cultural Português – Maputo

Mário Macilau presents a series of photographs dedicated to climate change and issues related to the theme of water as fundamental to human life. The series presented in this exhibition was recorded during the last 3 years in Mozambique, mostly in the province of Niassa, district of Cuamba, as part of a project developed with local communities supported by WaterAid Mozambique, a non-governmental organization based in the United Kingdom, which dedicates its performance worldwide in the area of ​​Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

The project for the exhibition “Água” has the special participation of renowned historian and writer João Paulo Borges Coelho, who previously published a book with the same title and presents an unprecedented poetic reflection on the series of photographs whose theme admits to awakening a peculiar interest.

Água”, a project by Camões – Centro Cultural Português in Maputo, has the sponsorship of WaterAid Mozambique and the support of Dispersão de Arte (Portugal) and a wish that was evident in Maputo from August 13 to October 2, from Monday to Friday, between 11 am and 5 pm, respecting all the appropriate hygiene and safety measures in force.[0]=AZUbN7Cb6mq2u6kyfbd05J4sC6tQ-tOXPqeGemYCj5R9qlwZ4dDT5UxpHh7BOv7vgKcl5KkPp77Nre1OwsYuXpT6dEL3_4dbAlXcxqfYHjDFnSgpTie1meXV9gGAVKgh9xwVNZ-MyzXTXqFujG02vPJFntVjMLBssa_MrqV5Ic9XEx-IG5ytqtP1w3UDGBKuCg3w4EByVdqXaGTTwcfFoje3&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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